Remains of Hundreds of Victims, Discovered at Veracruz Ranch

BORDERLAND BEAT — It is estimated that the remains belong to hundreds of victims who were killed and their bodies burned and crushed. Tierra Blance families seek Argentine and New Mexico experts to confirm the remains of their children.

The ranch, ‘El Limón’ in Veracruz, where the remains of two of the five students who disappeared on January 11 were discovered, was used by organized crime with the suspected complicity of security forces, to eliminate the bodies of hundreds of people taken hostage over several years.

The discovery of nearly three thousand fragments belonging to hundreds of bodies was discovered at the ranch, located in the town of Tlalixcoyan, in the state of Veracruz.

The fragments were collected at El Limón ranch, after three days of forensic work, by state experts and the Federal Scientific Police Division.

The search, which initiated because of citizen complaint, began by using dogs trained in the location of human remains.

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