Republicans Demand Punishment for Countries That Refuse to Take Back Criminal Illegals

WASHINGTON TIMES — Anger at the Obama administration’s lax immigration policies boiled over Thursday as Democrats and Republicans demanded that the State Department punish countries that refuse to take back their citizens living in the U.S. illegally — often letting dangerous criminals run free on American streets.

Republicans demanded that the State Department make an example of some of the 23 most problematic countries by stripping their visas, as U.S. law allows.

Democrats put further pressure on the Obama administration, saying Congress should cancel foreign aid to any country that regularly refuses to cooperate with U.S. deportation.

“I think they will, in a heartbeat, they will respond to that,” said Rep. Stephen F. Lynch, Massachusetts Democrat.

The issue of criminal immigrants on the streets unified lawmakers, who are usually riven over the immigration issue.

A case last year in Connecticut put a terrifying point on the matter. Haiti refused to accept one of its citizens, Jean Jacques, who had served time in the U.S. for attempted murder. Immigration authorities were unable to deport Jacques, and the U.S. released him. Months later, Jacques killed a young woman in an apparent dispute with her boyfriend over drugs.

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