The Danish Experience: Admit 1 “Syrian” “Refugee”, Get 23 Dependents (Including 3 Wives)

The other day in expressing delight that The New Observer had decided to continue to post I remarked

The New Observer ….was supplying acute analysis of select stories, and apparently has considerable language resources – many of the news items were in a remarkably wide variety of European languages. It [is] as the best source on Europe’s “Refugee” disaster.

A classic example appeared on Friday Denmark: Invader’s 3 Wives, 20 Children May 27, 2016 by TNO Staff

The first indication of the racial demographic disaster that is awaiting Europe following the Angela Merkel-created mass nonwhite invasion of 2015 has come with the news that a single invader in Denmark has won the right to bring his three wives and 20 children to that country.

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