The Democrats Go Full Merkel: Platform Says Immigration to Remake America According to “Our [Their] Values”

VDARE — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just described the recent attacks by Muslim “refugees” as “shocking, depressing and terrifying” but is still sticking with her incredible decision to allow their mass influx—over a million last year [Germany’s Merkel stands by refugee policy despite ‘terrifying’ attacks, By Angela Dewan and Jason Hanna, CNN, July 28, 2016]. Of course the attacks are not “shocking” at all but entirely predictable. Merkel simply doesn’t care; Germany’s welfare is not her priority. Ominously, this is the woman Hillary Clinton wishes to “emulate” [Hillary Clinton on Running and Governing as a Woman, by Jay Newton Small, Time, January 7, 2016]. Clinton is also planning to unleash an Amnesty/ Immigration Surge if elected—and the 2016 Democratic Platform has now dropped all pretense that that this will benefit America

Last Fall, Merkel famously proclaimed: “Germany is a strong country, we will manage” [Defiant Merkel vows to stand by refugee policy despite security fears, Reuters, November 25, 2015]. This was significant because of the implicit acknowledgement that the “refugees” were a burden. Even accepting that Germany is strong enough to “manage” refugees, a nation does not need to “manage” peace, prosperity, and freedom. It manages, or at least attempts to manage, recessions, famine, and war.

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