The Earthquake Lottery for Illegal Aliens, Ecuador Edition

CIS — Almost every natural disaster in the Third World is followed by calls for amnesty for illegal aliens from the afflicted country. Such amnesties are de facto permanent, despite their label: Temporary Protected Status.

TPS is what you might call green card-lite – it provides the illegal immigrants (and legal tourists, students, et al. whose visas are expiring) a work permit, Social Security number, driver’s license, and access to certain welfare benefits, but not an immediate path to citizenship. Obama’s lawless DACA and DAPA amnesties were modeled on TPS.

The TPS amnesty for 200,000 Salvadoran illegals after a 2001 earthquake has been routinely renewed. The TPS amnesty for 60,000 Hondurans and Nicaraguans following Hurricane Mitch in 1998 has also been routinely renewed. Liberians were the first to benefit from TPS after Congress enacted the law in 1990 (to rein in unilateral executive actions) – and they’re still here. The TPS amnesty because of Ebola in West Africa was just extended despite the fact that the Ebola outbreak is now over. No one has ever been made to leave the country because his TPS amnesty expired.

In other words, there’s nothing as permanent as a temporary refugee.

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