There Is a World of Difference Between Illegal Aliens and Lawful Immigrants

CAPS — On May 31, Fox & Friends interviewed the former president of Telemundo, Nely Galan, and posted a video of that segment “What can Donald Trump do to win back Hispanic voters?

Before we go any further, it is important to make a couple of observations. First, Galan had been the president of a broadcast corporation whose revenue depends on growing the audience of Spanish-speaking viewers. The more folks tune in, the more Telemundo can charge advertisers for air time.

Second, during the interview, when pressed by the hosts of the show to justify her positions, Galan backed off, stating that she was not a “political pundit.” Galan’s astonishing admission, repudiating her own qualifications to discuss the immigration crisis, calls into serious question why she spent her entire interview making false claims to the Fox & Friends audience about immigration when so much hangs in the balance this election year.

Among the claims Galan made was that it is unfair to draw distinctions between aliens legally present in the United States from aliens who run our borders and evade the inspections process conducted at ports of entry.

When specifically asked about drawing that distinction, she said this is like saying, “I like this minority, but not that minority,” as she pointed to two of the hosts. In other words, in her world view, supporting legal immigrants while not supporting illegal aliens is discriminatory.

What she (or others who hold similar views) likely does not realize is that to remove the distinction between aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence and aliens who illegally enter the U.S. does a huge disservice to lawful immigrants who aspire to become American citizens and who, under our current immigration laws, are immediately placed on the pathway to U.S. citizenship when they are granted lawful immigrant status and provided with their Alien Registration Receipt Cards (Green Cards).

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