They Drive (Dangerously) Out of the Shadows on Roads Across the U.S.

CAPS — Is reckless driving, often under the influence of alcohol, a job that illegal aliens do better than Americans? A lot of people think so, and one of them is Don Rosenberg whose son was run over and killed by an unlicensed illegal driver who drove away from the scene. This perpetrator evidently was not under the influence, but the tragic incident led Rosenberg to do intensive research on driving offenses by illegal aliens.

He found that hard figures are difficult to come by because many jurisdictions don’t record citizenship status. But with painstaking analysis of statistics, he concluded that illegal aliens, usually unlicensed, are much more likely than the general public to cause fatal accidents and be intoxicated when they do so.

These findings are food for thought, especially in light of a report by the Center for Immigration Studies which reveals that the Obama Administration last year released 19,723 illegal aliens from custody who had been convicted of a total 61,133 crimes not related to the violation of immigration law. A total of 22,118 of these convictions came under the heading of “traffic offenses,” 12,307 of which involved drunk driving.

Open border advocates often claim that illegal immigration is a victimless crime. But driving under the influence – an offense many illegal immigrants indulge – is hardly victimless. In 2015, nearly 300,000 people in the U.S. were injured in alcohol-related accidents, and nearly 10,000 were killed. About one in three people convicted of DUI will become repeat offenders. We have no choice but to suffer the presence of native-born drunk drivers, but we do have the option of expelling those from other countries who reside here in defiance of our laws.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration is not too keen on sending them home.

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