Trump: Enough Criminal Illegals to Fill ‘Yankee Stadium Four Times’

BREITBART — GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is highlighting how many illegal immigrants with criminal records are at large in the United States.

“We have right now 179,000 illegal immigrants who are criminals, who have criminal convictions,” Trump said in a speech to an overflow crowd at Pat Robertson’s Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“That means — think about that, that’s like filling up Yankee Stadium four times,” he said. “We have all over the country. These are criminals. These are people who were convicted of a crime.”

Trump has made fighting illegal immigration a central tenet of his campaign for the presidency, reiterating the importance of borders and an orderly immigration process at practically every campaign event.

“We have to have borders,” Trump said again Wednesday. “We have to have strong borders. If we don’t have borders we don’t have a country. And people can come into our country but they have to come in legally. They can’t do what they’re doing.”

According to the New York Yankees, their stadium can seat 50,287 people.

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One thought on “Trump: Enough Criminal Illegals to Fill ‘Yankee Stadium Four Times’

  1. Vote for any presidential candidate other than Donald Trump and America will be forced into a Third World Nation hellhole.

    I will be voting for the future of America’s children and grandchildren…Voting for Donald Trump for president in 2016.

    Socialist Sweden…politically correct, diversified, multicultural, open borders, open arms have lost their country to the Muslims. Sweden has been taken over by Islam and Sharia law.

    Keep America free and safe. Deport, not import, Muslims and illegals. The flow of immigrants walking across open borders from Central America through Mexico to America must be sent home.

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