VA, Like CA, Transformed by Immigration

CAPS — Directly on the heels of the California Department of Finance’s report that the state’s population increased last year by 348,000 residents, mostly from immigrants and births to immigrants, came an insightful Washington Post op-ed that also identifies immigration as Virginia’s major population driver.

Author Doc Woods, a member of Virginians for Quality Healthcare, wrote in his column, “Virginia Can’t Afford its Population Boom,” that rampant growth has destroyed public infrastructure, depleted irreplaceable resources and will eventually push living costs to “astronomical levels,” problems all too familiar to Californians. In Northern Virginia, a family of four needs a $63,000 annual income to live at minimal standards.

From 1990 to 2015, Virginia’s population increased 35 percent to 8.4 million residents. University of Virginia demographers predict that by 2040 the state’s population will reach an unsustainable 10.5 million. Woods cites exploding immigration as the major cause of out-of-control growth. Since 1990, immigration in Virginia has increased 200 percent.

Symbolically, Virginia’s rapid transformation into the new California is alarming. Jamestown, Virginia, is the first of the 13 colonies, and America’s birthplace. Eight presidents were born in Virginia, including four of the first five – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.

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