Victims of Illegal Immigrant Criminals Plead for Border Security at Convention

WASHINGTON TIMES — CLEVELAND — Often overlooked in the immigration debate, the families of victims of illegal immigrant criminals got their biggest stage yet with prime-time speaking roles Monday at the Republican National Convention, where they pleaded for a firmer hand in the White House to keep the country safe.

“Only one candidate is serious about border security: Donald Trump,” said Kent Terry, brother of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. “He will give our heroic Border Patrol agents the resources and support needed to do their jobs. President Trump will make America’s borders secure again.”

Mr. Terry was joined on stage by two mothers and one father whose children were slain by illegal immigrants and who said it’s time their side of the immigration debate receives more attention.

Democrats will counter at their convention next week with a speech from an illegal immigrant Dreamer who was allowed to remain in the U.S. under President Obama’s 2012 deportation amnesty policy. Democrats say the vast majority of illegal immigrants follow the laws except in the case of immigration, and say Dreamers in particular are leaders of the next generation of Americans.

That dichotomy — valedictorians versus victims — underscores the deep divisions within the U.S. over the contributions and pitfalls of America’s chaotic immigration policy.

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