WARNING: Mexican Cartel at Texas Border Has Russian RPGs

BREITBART — The Mexican Los Zetas cartel controls portions of the Texas-Mexico border and has proven to possess Russian rocket-propelled grenade launchers and the grenades (RPGs). This is significant in that the Mexican transnational group has shown a willingness to fire upon U.S. aircraft, such as they did on June 5, 2015 in the Laredo Sector along the Texas border. Another significant consideration pertains to the group’s ability to smuggle persons, narcotics, or any other item they wish into the U.S.–for the right price. The RPGs could easily end up in the hands of someone or a group within the U.S.

The Los Zetas cartel having RPGs was revealed in a recent Breitbart Texas investigation into rival factions of the cartel using social media to taunt each other and to make threats. In that instance, we wrote, “In the most recent series of taunts, one faction of the Los Zetas cartel posted a photograph of what appears to be a Russian RGP-7 with the names of two rival commanders on written on the munitions.”

The cartel was shown to have possessed such weaponry in a prior instance, but this latest report indicates that the group possessing such threats to the U.S. was not an isolated threat. Breitbart Texas previously covered an attempt by Los Zetas to use a RPG to attack a Mexican governmental building. We wrote, “Gunmen suspected of being part of Los Zetas drug cartel fired an RPG at the headquarters of a special police unit in the border city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila; the rocket-propelled grenade did not explode. Piedras Negras is the sister city of Eagle Pass, Texas, and sits immediately across the border.”

The Los Zetas cartel has been engaging in a brutal civil war with various Los Zetas factions fighting each other, dismembering each other, and targeting each other’s families. Not only does their need for cash to fund this war increase the likelihood that they would sell such weaponry and smuggle the items into the U.S., but a prior comprehensive investigation by Breitbart Texas revealed the extent of such threats. We wrote:


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