Watchdog Confirms: Sanctuary Cities Are Law-Breakers

LIFEZETTE — A federal watchdog has confirmed what concerned members of Congress and law enforcement advocates have known for some time — sanctuary cities are law-breakers.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Inspector General published a report this week finding that the practices of these cities, that do not notify federal authorities about the immigration status of certain criminals, violates federal law.

The conclusions of the watchdog report, which were reached almost two months ago, were not released publicly until Thursday.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions issued a statement condemning the DOJ for delaying the report’s publication, saying the hold-up was “particularly frustrating” because it affected the outcome of a key senate vote a few weeks ago.

“This opinion must bring an end to the excuses proffered by numerous Democratic leaders to defend the extreme and dangerous practices of sanctuary jurisdictions,” Sessions said in his statement. “Notably, this memorandum was dated prior to a key Senate vote on Senator Toomey’s sanctuary jurisdiction legislation just a few weeks ago – legislation that would have ended this dangerous practice. Only two Democrats supported the legislation, all while this memorandum that makes clear the illegality of these policies was withheld from the public discourse.”

The report also notes the number of sanctuary cities has continued to increase — despite increasing incidents of high-profile crime committed by non-deported criminal aliens.

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