“We Might as Well Abolish Our Immigration Laws”

CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES — On February 4, the Washington Examiner carried a story detailing a secret directive ordering Border Patrol agents to immediately release — without processing for deportation — aliens apprehended along the frontier, simply upon their assertion, without verification, that they have been in the United States since prior to January 2014.

The directive was revealed by a Border Patrol union official testifying before Congress on the renewed surge of illegal aliens on our southern border, with numbers that exceed those who came during the 2014 summertime surge. Center for Immigration Studies’ Director of Policy Studies Jessica Vaughan also testified.

The article in the Examiner, by the way, was headlined “Border agent: ‘We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether'”. As one of my friends, a fellow retiree, promptly responded in our email exchange over the matter, “Memo to the Patrol Agent: We already have.”

In a prior blog post, I speculated that with his term of office winding down the president might feel like a free agent, virtually unfettered in his attempts to completely dismantle immigration enforcement as a part of his “legacy”. This would be particularly true if he is not invested in the outcome of the next election, which to date seems to be the case — witness his recent hosting of Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders at the White House, despite Sanders being the prime opponent of the president’s own former secretary of state.

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