Mexican Cartel Kidnaps U.S. Citizen in Texas, Sneaks Him Across Border Into Mexico

BREITBART — MCALLEN, Texas — Mexican cartel members kidnapped an American citizen in this border city and crossed him into Mexico and then demanded ransom money from his family. The region is controlled by the Gulf Cartel and outsiders engaging in kidnapping for ransom in their territory does not occur. The Mexican neighborhood where the victim was held is also a stronghold for the Gulf Cartel and considered a major base for their cross-border operations into the Rio Grande Valley Sector of Texas.

The kidnapping took place last Thursday in McAllen, Texas, when a person identified by Mexican authorities as 25-year-old Jordi Alejandro Gonzalez and another person identified by Mexican authorities as 18-year-old Jose Castillo Jr. kidnapped an unnamed 28-year-old man. Mexican authorities identify both kidnappers as being from Texas, Gonzalez is from Hidalgo, while Castillo is from Brownsville. However, Breitbart Texas sources indicate that Mexican authorities may have misidentified one of the individuals due to fake identification.

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