What About Our Interpreters?

WASHINGTON FREE BEACON — This morning Alana Goodman reported on a maddening, immoral development in the ongoing effort to rescue Afghan interpreters who served the U.S. military loyally, only now to find themselves in grave danger as Afghanistan falls apart:

Afghan translators who worked for the United States military could find themselves ineligible for U.S. visas due to a recent State Department decision that retroactively changed the requirements for applicants.

The rule change, which increased the minimum employment requirement for interpreters from one year of U.S. government service to two years of service, was passed by Congress in September 2015.

Advocates say the State Department has been applying this change retroactively to interpreters who submitted applications months or years before the rule was passed—a decision that could impact as many as 3,300 Afghan translators who are under threat from the Taliban.

Goodman goes on to describe the case of “Dave,” an interpreter caught up in the shift whose current situation is so dangerous that we can’t publish his real name. The Americans Goodman interviewed about Dave have nothing but praise for his courage and loyalty:

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