2nd Amendment News 02.24.16


THE GUN GRABBERS ARE COMING! LEXINGTON MASSACHUSETTS NOW FACES SEMI-AUTOMATIC GUN CONFISCATION — DAILY CALLERJust as we fired the first shot to start the revolution, this might be the first shot – no pun intended – to start a movement against assault weapons that would capture the state and therefore maybe explode to reach the country.” –Robert Rotberg author and catalyst of Lexington’s gun ban proposal.

Lexington, Massachusetts. Does the name of that quaint New England town ring a bell for anyone? It should, Lexington, MA, is where American independence was kicked into high gear. On April 19, 1775, the British “red coats” marched out of Boston, heading for Concord, intending to seize caches of arms stored by local militias. They were first met on the Lexington town green and the skirmish was on, the rest as they say is history. Fast-forward almost 240 years to the day and some of the residents of Lexington have come full circle.

NO CHARGES FILED, BUT LEGAL FIREARMS CONFISCATED ANYWAY — DAILY CALLER We’ve raised concerns before about how proposed “gun violence restraining orders” and similar firearm surrender orders can be abused and issued in cases where the police lack sufficient evidence for an arrest and simply wish to deprive an individual of the right to bear arms, and on how difficult it can be to get property back after the government seizes it. These concerns are magnified when such seizure procedures originate not from judicially authorized orders, but from the considerably more opaque processes within law enforcement.

OBAMA’S INSIDIOUS ASSAULT ON GUNS CONTINUES — TOWNHALL The sudden death earlier this month of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who was an unapologetic supporter of firearms rights, has thrust the 2nd Amendment into the forefront of the burgeoning debate over who might replace him on the Supreme Court. While this is indeed a topic worthy of robust debate, what often is overlooked in such public discussions of the 2nd Amendment, are the many ways this Administration has chipped away at the Amendment outside the scrutiny of the courts.

BUSINESS OWNER REQUIRING ALL EMPLOYEES TO BE ARMED — WSBTV A local business owner with several offices in Georgia is now requiring all of his employees to get a concealed carry license and be armed.Everybody has one of these in their drawer or on their person. I would not want to come into one of my facilities,” Toland said. “It’s a 5 shot .410, just like a shotgun and you call it hand cannon.” Toland said after hearing about recent home invasions and violent crime in the metro Atlanta area, he came up with the new office mandate. “They all had their conceal carry permit within 3 to 4 weeks of me announcing that this was something you had to do,” he said. “With the presentation of their license, they all got a 4/10 judge pistol.”

OKLAHOMA: CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT APPLICATIONS SURGE — BREITBART Numbers recently released by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation suggest that the talk of gun control and President Obama’s actual issuance of executive gun controls contributed to a surge in concealed carry permit applications in that state from November to February. Oklahoma concealed carry permits are issued under the auspices of the state’s Self-Defense Act. According to Tulsa World, the numbers for applications are compiled on a week-by-week basis and show concealed carry applications “nearly tripled” November to February. They were especially high the week of Obama’s gun control announcement. The timing of the numbers also suggests that gun control rhetoric following the high profile shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood (November 27) and the San Bernardino terror attack (December 2) also played a role in the surge.

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