2nd Amendment News 02.26.16

NEWTOWN LAWSUIT COULD PAVE WAY FOR LITIGATION AGAINST AR-15 MANUFACTURERS — TOWNHALL In December of 2014, the families of the victims of the horrific Newtown shooting committed by Adam Lanza filed a lawsuit against Bushmaster. Last Monday they had their day in court, when the lawyer for the families, Josh Koskoff, made his case that it was negligent for the gun manufacturer to introduce the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle into the market place. Koskoff is utilizing a rather unique interpretation of the negligent entrustment clause of the Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act (PLCAA), which the Hartford Courant noted usually applies to a gun dealer who knowingly sells a firearm to a person who is prohibited from owning guns.

OHIO GUN SELLER ALLEGES ‘WIDESPREAD’ GOVERNMENT DISCRIMINATION — DAILY SIGNAL An Ohio firearms retailer who was recently denied access to banking services says the federal government is continuing to “discriminate against” his industry. “I definitely think the government is discriminating against our industry,” William Evans, president and CEO of American Tactical Concepts in Wadsworth, Ohio, told The Daily Signal. “It’s a little too widespread.” Evans, who has also served as an emergency medical technician for 13 years, said since President Barack Obama took office, he’s noticed a trend of more firearms retailers being denied banking services. Earlier this month, while trying to obtain a line of credit from Direct Capital so that he could purchase in new machinery to manufacture receivers from scratch, Evans said the online application required him to provide information about his business, a “full service AR shop.”

۠• Executive Overreach: The New Normal In Anti-Gun Politics — DC

۠• Iowa Considers Bill Allowing Children Under 14 To Handle Guns. World Explodes — HOTAIR

۠• Report: Gun Control Not Resonating with SC Democrat Primary Voters — BREITBART

۠• Anti-Gun California State Senator Sentenced to Five Years in Prison on Gun Trafficking and Racketeering Charges — TOWNHALL

۠• Rubio: ‘Wrong,’ ‘Immoral’ to Ban Muslim-Americans from Gun Ranges — BREITBART

۠• West Virginia Constitutional Carry Legislation Sent to Governo — PDW

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