2nd Amendment News 02.27.16

Latest “Gun Free Zone” Slaughter Shows Failure Of Key Gun Control Policy — G&G An ex-convict with an illegally-acquired AKM carbine and a Glock pistol strode through a Kansas factory yesterday afternoon, shooting his coworkers indiscriminately wherever he found them. A single police officer with grim determination surged against the panicking human tide to confront and kill the criminal, saving an untold number of lives.

Targeting the Middle Class, Clinton Pushes Punitive 25% Tax On Guns — G&G Americans for Tax Reform has noticed that Hillary Clinton, who is running her entire Presidential campaign on the premise of undermining the constitutional right to bear arms, is supporting a brutal tax increase that would disproportionately affect the working class. …Clinton and her fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders both claim to represent the poor and working class Americans, but both endorse gun control policies that only hurt law-abiding in those communities, while doing nothing at all to target violent street gangs or increase the prosecution of gun crimes committed by these criminals.

۠• Hillary Clinton vows tougher gun laws — WASHINGTON TIMES

۠• Northern Virginia Residents Mount Campaign To Oust Second Gun Store — DC

۠• Concealed Carry Reciprocity Deal Signed In Virginia — DC

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