A Glimmer of Hope Returns to Inspire and Reassure America!

After eight long, frustrating years of America bashing by left-wing zealots and mainstream media, a slight glimmer of hope has been spotted on the American landscape in the burbs of Cleveland, Ohio!

For it was there that, despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth by establishment Republican politicians, the Party of Abraham Lincoln chose an outsider to lead the party in the war for the freedom against presumptive Democrat nominee and corruption queen of the left, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Indeed, the Donald J. Trump story has all the romantic fantasy about American democracy that one might imagine, save the imagery which has a poor boy rising through the ranks to slay a legion of well- funded elitists.

In the case of the Donald, we have a New York real estate mogul and media star, worth several billions, who captured the fancy of the public with a delicious and original version of populism that has social scientists and liberal think tank savants muttering to themselves in frustration and awe.

With the exception of illegal aliens and Jihad soldiers intent on decapitating non- believers who would slander the Muslim Prophet Mohamed, the Donald has restored hope and confidence in the American way!

His goal is to MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN!, and, in so doing, undo the criminal, social, and moral damage inflicted on the American soul by Barack Hussein Obama, and as would be continued by Hillary Rodham Clinton!

To the doubting Thomases of the GOP, that is, the Romneys. Bushes, Becks. Wills, and all of the other NEVERTRUMP warriors, the time has arrived for joining forces with the Donald in order to defeat the real enemy of freedom and righteousness, the female clone of Satan, Hillary Rodham Clinton!

Rejoice one and all! Victory is ours for the taking!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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