A Pen and a Phone — 79 Immigration Actions the Next President Can Take

CIS — “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” President Obama famously said two years ago, openly proclaiming his strategy of ignoring Congress and acting unilaterally — and often illegally — to advance his agenda. He has adopted this approach regarding immigration as well, most notably in a series of November 2014 memos further reducing enforcement of the law and granting work authorization and Social Security numbers to millions of illegal aliens (that amnesty is held up in court).

This Backgrounder lists steps the next president can take — legally — with his or her own pen and phone early in the next administration. Many of the steps we suggest consist of rolling back the ill-advised and constitutionally dubious “executive actions” undertaken by the Obama White House. Those roll-backs alone would go far toward restoring balance and credibility to the nation’s immigration system, although we realize they are unlikely in the event a Democrat takes the White House, given the commitments the two Democratic candidates have staked out in their debates.

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