Amnesty Hack Marco Rubio Gets Caught in His Own Lies

VDARE — On Friday, Breitbart posted an interview with Chris Crane, the honest pro-sovereignty President of the National ICE Council who has testified before Congress about the government’s purposeful immigration anarchy. Breitbart’s subject was a 2013 Gang of Eight press conference in which Crane was ejected for trying to ask a question and was nearly arrested for daring to commit free speech about immigration. I reported about an answering presser organized by America’s Senator, Jeff Sessions, where Crane explained how he had been jacked around by Senator Marco Rubio in a last-minute meeting (Concerned Law Enforcement Officers Speak against Gang of Eight Amnesty).

The Feb. 19 Breitbart interview with Chris Crane expands on the details of that interaction and how poorly he was treated by amnesty peddler Rubio: Exclusive: On Eve of South Carolina Vote, Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them. Here’s a taste:

۠• How do the next 20 primary states feel about Rubio’s weak position on amnesty and mass immigration? — FREE REPUBLIC

۠• Law Enforcement Sides with Chris Crane After Rubio’s Anti-ICE Tirade — BREITBART

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