Anti-Trump House Speaker, Paul Ryan, Portrays Mass Immigration as GOP Principle

BREITBART — House Speaker Paul Ryan apparently wants the GOP to keep importing foreign workers — even though the party’s actual voters are instead backing Donald Trump and his promise of immigration restrictions.

The little-noticed reveal came in a Thursday interview on CNN, when Ryan declared that “this is the party of [President Abraham] Lincoln and [President Ronald] Reagan and Jack Kemp.”

O.K. everyone knows Lincoln and Reagan — but who is Kemp? He’s a former football star, House Representative, cabinet secretary, and failed vice-presidential candidate in 1996.

The key point is that Ryan worked for Kemp in the 1990s. Kemp was a very forceful personality, with a California-style 1960s can-do-anything personal story. He seems to have persuaded Ryan that the U.S. economy could provide middle-class jobs to endless waves of striving unskilled immigrants, who would then back GOP candidates as they campaigned for smaller government, spending cuts and capital gains rollbacks.

Ryan’s invocation of Kemp alongside wartime Lincoln and tax-cutting Reagan “is an absurd equation — Kemp has done noting comparable to Lincoln or Reagan,” said Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors reductions in migrant inflows. But Ryan’s vision of the GOP trinity “means that Kemp is his guy, his mentor, his guru.”

“Americans and immigrants share the same values of work, family and opportunity,” Kemp wrote in 2006.”There is no reason to fear the newcomers arriving on our shores today. If anything, they will energize what is best about our country,” he wrote, while insisting the Americans need a “robust annual flow required to keep our economy growing.”

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One thought on “Anti-Trump House Speaker, Paul Ryan, Portrays Mass Immigration as GOP Principle

  1. Paul Ryan. Your standards and the American people’s standards are not the same. American people’s standards are for America first. Real conservatives are for low taxes, small government, no foreign wars and states rights. Rather what Trump is preaching. America first is what the people/taxpayers want and support. Donald Trump listened to the people. This is why the people chose Donald Trump for president. Ryan standards….Corporations, Wall Street, United Nations, NWO….Wall Street Bankers. The Bush Empire is over. Move over Paul Ryan and get out of the way. The American people have spoken.

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