Are Clinton Aides Colluding in Email Case?

POLIZETTE — Ex-advisers Hire Same Lawyer, Suggesting They Want To Ensure No One Cooperates Against Hillary

Four former aides to Hillary Clinton have retained the same lawyer to represent them in the FBI email investigation, a highly unusual situation that suggests they are colluding in their defenses and trying to make sure everyone has their story straight.

What’s more, the arrangement raises questions about whether the Department of Justice is favoring Clinton by allowing the coordination to occur.

According to Politico, the four have agreed to a joint-defense arrangement with attorney Beth Wilkinson, a former federal prosecutor who is married to ex-“Meet the Press” host David Gregory. The FBI has been investigating whether Clinton violated any laws when she set up a private email server in her home to store government emails, including some that since have been determined to be classified.

Joseph DiGenova, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, expressed dismay that Wilkinson reportedly has been representing the former aides since at least July of last year without attempts by the Department of Justice to block it.

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