Bloomberg: 95% of Murders Are Black, We Must Ban Guns to Save Them

FRONTPAGE MAGAZINE — Michael Bloomberg is proving that Trump isn’t the only elderly billionaire who tries to run for president by saying wildly politically incorrect things.

“It’s controversial, but first thing is all of your — 95 percent of your murders, and murderers, and murder victims fit one [unintelligible]. You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all of the cops. They are male, minorities, 15 to 25. That’s true in New York, it’s true in virtually every city in America,” said Bloomberg.

“You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people getting killed,” he continued. “First thing you can do to help that group is to keep them alive.”

It’s certainly an interesting campaign position. Classic liberal paternalism with just enough common sense to enrage liberals and just enough paternalism to infuriate conservatives.

I’m not sure exactly whom it appeals to. Liberals who are realistic about crime? Conservatives who want to ban guns? Independents who like hijacking buses and crashing them into shopping malls and then dancing around the flames? There needs to be a meme that’s the opposite of almost politically correct redneck. Like almost politically incorrect liberal billionaire.

If Bloomberg had actually come up with a position to deliberately alienate everyone across the political spectrum, he couldn’t have done any better. Except by proposing to nuke ISIS to stop Global Warming. Or calling for more illegal immigration so we have the manpower to invade other countries.

But Trump did prove that you can say things like that and only rise higher in the polls. So maybe Bloomberg is counting on that. But wiser heads did try to prevent audio from getting out.

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