Brexit Makes It Official: Trump-Mania Now a Global Movement!

It took considerably longer than most who favor common sense would have preferred, but the disastrous period of political ignorance and self-delusion known as Obama-mania is at last dead and buried, and will soon be forgotten entirely!

In it’s place, the world has been taken captive by a transparent, honest form of political reality—Trump-Mania!

Trump-Mania is based on the simple notion that establishment politicians from both parties have deliberately ignored the needs and wishes of the governed in order to serve the elitist class of contemptible power players, those skilled and entrenched in the ways and means of corrupt crony capitalism.

For nearly a year, and against all odds, Trump-Mania has transformed American political pundits, bloviated, self-described “experts,” into stuttering, stammering fools whom are clueless to explain the success of an outspoken billionaire who has little or no experience in professional politics, but whom has an uncanny ability to comprehend and articulate the issues that are driving everyday Americans barking mad!

From the idiotic surrender of American sovereignty to the forces of illegal immigration to the outrageous refusal of our government to admit the truth about Islam and it’s link to global terrorism, Trump-Mania is exposing the truth about how our weak-minded, weak-willed government has conspired against the interests of the American people, in favor of the bad guys!

Trump-Mania has even gone across the big pond and was a factor in the Brexit revolt by the British against the forces of never-do-well establishment weasels!

Patriotic Americans are joined in faith that Trump-Mania will expand in influence and power and lead to a Donald Trump presidency that will make America Great Again!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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