Bubba’s Third Term?

If Americans Elect Hillary, They’ll Really
Be Getting Her Hubby — Like It Or Not

LIFEZETTE — Hillary Clinton is running on the platform that she will be the first female president of the United States, but she actually wants to put her hubby and former president Bill Clinton in charge of the economy if she’s elected. Didn’t Bill already serve two terms as president? Why would Americans elect Hillary to give him a potential third?

Hillary told supporters at a campaign event on Sunday that her husband would play a role in her administration — specifically revitalizing the economy. “Because, you know, he knows how to do it … especially in places like coal country and inner cities,” Hillary said. However, on Monday she said Bill would not be a cabinet member, leading some to question just what he would do, since there are plenty of appointed cabinet members — vetted by Congress — who are in charge of economic issues.

Hillary is all about girl power and yet she would put a man in charge of one of the most pressing issues facing the country, one that the president should take a lead role on. Is she all but admitting that she cannot handle the economy without a man’s help? She’s essentially implying he will be the next president if she wins — or maybe she doesn’t think that she can win without him.

Whatever the reason may be, the announcement alone is a headscratcher. She offers supporters a “Woman Card” (so they can “play it” whenever) and Hillary’s slogan is “I’m with her,” so why would she want Americans to be “with him”? Undoubtedly, Hillary knows that she needs her husband in order to win because he is more likable than her. Polling shows that Bill has a 56 percent favorability rating compared to Hillary’s 36 percent.

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