Bureaucrats Stockpiling Weapons

Obama Admin Hoarding Munitions While Pushing To Disarm Public

POLIZETTE — There are now more non-military federal government officials who carry firearms and militarized equipment than the total number of U.S. Marines, leading many Americans to question, “What exactly is the Obama administration up to?” according to a Friday op-ed in The Wall Street Journal.

The op-ed, by former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn and Adam Andrzejewski, the founder and CEO of OpenTheBooks.com, shined a light on an oversight report on the militarization of the government also released by OpenTheBooks on Friday. The study noted that roughly 200,000 non-Defense officials are authorized to make arrests and carry firearms, compared with the approximately 182,000 Marines that serve in the United States.

Coburn and Andrzejewski reported that this “escalating arms and ammo stockpiling” has nearly tripled from 1996 to 2016 and constitutes a “federal arms race.”

“People from both ends of the political spectrum have expressed alarm at this trend,” the pair wrote. “Conservatives argue that it is hypocritical, unconstitutional and costly for political leaders to undermine the Second Amendment while simultaneously equipping nonmilitary agencies with heavy weapons, hollow-point bullets and military-style equipment.”

Coburn and Andrzejewski also noted that, “Progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders have raised civil liberties concerns about the militarization of local police with vehicles built for war and other heavy weaponry.”

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