Bush, Rubio Come Under Fire on Immigration

Pro-enforcement Group’s Campaign In Florida Highlights How Disney Workers Were Replaced By Foreigners

POLIZETTE — A group favoring increased immigration restrictions has launched a nearly $1 million campaign in Florida to ensure that the issue remains front and center during the state’s crucial March 15 primary.

Candidates who might be hurt include a pair of Florida’s favorite sons. Jeb Bush has argued that more foreign workers would spur economic growth. Sen. Marco Rubio, meanwhile, helped write a bill in 2013 that would have drastically increased foreign workers. His current platform emphasizes “work- and skill-based immigration.”

The campaign started last month and will run through February and possibly into March. It highlights Walt Disney World employees who lost their jobs in 2014 and then had to train foreign replacements to replace them. The effort will include radio and TV ads, along with an aggressive online component. It comes as a pair of fired Disney workers are pursuing federal lawsuits against the company and the consulting firms that recruited the replacement workers.

“This issue needs to be discussed in Florida in February and March,” said Federation for American Immigration Reform President Dan Stein, whose organization is paying for the ads. He said the campaign may be expanded to other states.

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