Can a Niqab Make Hillary Mural Less Offensive?

If Hillary Clinton is planning on a career in modeling should her presidential pursuits fall short, she may be in for an abrupt and unpleasant surprise, which has nothing to do with lying, corruption, or trustworthiness!

As reported:

A Melbourne street artist who was threatened with a council fine over a provocative mural he painted of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has responded by covering her image with a niqab.

Maribyrnong council took issue with the original mural, which depicted Clinton wearing a revealing swimsuit with $100 notes tucked into it. The council said residents complained about the piece, which was painted onto the side wall of a scooter shop in Footscray, 5km west of Melbourne.
In a statement, the council said the mural contravened its gender equity policy.

“We believe that this mural is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, and it is not in keeping with our stance on gender equity,” the council chief executive, Stephen Wall, said.”

From the perspective of many objective patriots , depicting a near-naked Hillary Clinton is, indeed, offensive, but not because of gender equity PC concerns.

Rather, it is the preponderance of sagging and wrinkles that make the mural “offensive,” and, to anyone with a developed appreciation for near-naked women, downright nauseating!

As far as the use of a niqab is concerned, covering up the aging, sagging, and wrinkled features of Hillary Clinton is asking way too much of a simple piece(s) of cloth and a dedicated Religion of Peace!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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