Can I Still Get a Gun Trust?

GUNS & GEAR — After the recent Executive Order regarding the NFA, I have been asked many times: “Can I still set up a gun trust?” You can, and the President alone cannot prevent you from doing this. He can only make buying a firearm more difficult for your trust.

Before July

Until July 13, 2016, the current (i.e. old) rules are in effect. You can set up a trust and transfer your firearms into it with minimal paperwork. To use the old rules, your transfer application (Form 4) or making application (Form 1) must be postmarked by Tuesday July 12, 2016. We do not suggest pushing off your purchase for this long, but if you do, be sure to send the paperwork via certified mail so you can prove when it was sent and received.

Submitting your paperwork before July 13 is a viable option for both existing trusts and any new trusts that are established.

July 13th and Beyond

Trusts will still be able to buy or make firearms (including suppressors) after July 12, 2016. However, applications submitted on or after the 13th of July will require additional documentation. While this will not prevent you from acquiring new firearms, we certainly realize that the inconvenience may warrant going ahead and purchasing firearms prior to July 13, 2016.

New Forms and Paperwork for Transfers

For all transfers on or after July 13th, including making applications, every “responsible person” (to be discussed in a later post) will have to submit:

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