CAPS Encourages Resettling Refugees Close to Their Home Countries

CAPS — The presidential primaries have distracted Americans from the ongoing threat to public safety that the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program represents. The administration has committed, despite public opposition, to accepting 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in 2016 which will bring the annual worldwide refugee total coming to the United States this year to 85,000.

In December, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson admitted at a House Homeland Security committee hearing that “there is no-risk free process” to resettling refugees from nations like Syria and Iraq that sponsor terrorism and are avowed U.S. enemies. Johnson also acknowledged that terrorists could “exploit” the U.S. resettlement process. In an effort to minimize alarm, Johnson indicated that refugee vetting is more thorough than ever, an evaluation with which FBI director James Comey strongly disagrees.

Although Obama’s proposed increase in Syrian and Iraqi refugees has captured most of the national attention, Somali refugees already resettled in Minneapolis-St. Paul are linked to a kill list they created that targeted 34 Minnesota police officers.

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