Chicago Under Fire, but Leaders Want Costly Amnesty, Refugee Resettlement, Not Neighborhood Safety

CAPS — Refugees, asylees and illegal immigrants crossing the border know that if they claim “credible fear of persecution” they have an excellent chance of gaining U.S. permanent residency. Whether their claims are fraudulent matters little.

Sky-rocketing murder rate in Chicago doesn’t deter city leaders from illegal immigrant, refugee advocacy.

In a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Chair Bob Goodlatte noted that credible fear claims soared 587 percent between 2007 and 2013, proof that the word is out around the world that the U.S. takes little care to enforce its immigration laws.

Unfortunately Chicago residents can’t count on the federal government to bail them out from their hometown’s violence that inarguably generates credible fear among the law abiding. The New York Times reported that during the first months of 2016, 131 people had been murdered, an 84 percent increase over the same period in 2015. The 605 shootings, which presumably included felony attempted murder, were nearly twice as many as last year through the same date.

What’s particularly disturbing about Chicago’s murder rate is that while the city desperately needs to take immediate measures to protect its citizens, its leadership is more intent on amnesty, and bringing more refugees to the Windy City.


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