Clinton Promises Amnesty if Hispanics Help

FOX — Washington – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised Friday an immigration reform that offers the quickest possible path to citizenship if she wins the November election and Hispanics cast votes that enable her party to control the Senate.

During a speech in Washington at a conference of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NABJ-NAHJ), Clinton said “we have a Republican nominee who has been virulently anti-immigrant,” for which reason she hoped results of the upcoming election will sent a clear message to Republicans that it’s time to stop blocking immigration reform.

Clinton asked Hispanics to get out the vote next November and elect lawmakers who support immigration reform, so that control of the Senate goes from Republican to Democratic.

That and an increase in the number of seats in the House of Representatives will enable the passing of a bipartisan immigration reform, the ex-secretary of state said.

Clinton, who answered questions from the press, something she has not regularly done during the campaign, said she will begin to work “immediately” for immigration reform if she is elected to the White House.

The Democratic hopeful also said she believes that Republicans realize the importance of winning Hispanic votes, but the nomination of Donald Trump as their presidential candidate could derail any such attempts.

Clinton said she takes seriously the interests of Hispanic voters, for whom she promised investments to improve job opportunities and increase the possibilities of success for entrepreneurs.

The Democratic leader also promised to close immigrant detention centers run by private companies and to study in depth the policy of deportations so it doesn’t affect moms and dads working hard for their future.

The latest polls in the U.S. show Clinton extending her lead over Trump, who has never achieved majority support either from Latinos or African Americans. EFE

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