Corrupt Mexican Ex-Prez Who Cursed Trump’s Wall, Ignored Cartels

BREITBART — The former Mexican president who has been speaking out against Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is the same former politician who ignored drug cartels while he was in office.

As previously reported by Breitbart News, Vicente Fox Quezada recently met with journalist-turned-activist Jorge Ramos where the politico used expletives to say Mexico would not pay for Trump’s wall.

Just days after making his now infamous statements before Jorge Ramos, Fox went on air in Mexican radio where he claimed that Trump would be dangerous for America if elected.

Fox claimed that Trump would take America over the edge and that Hillary Clinton would be the one person who could shut him up. Despite his tough talk against Trump, Fox seems to forget that he is at least partially responsible for the unending wave of violence that has taken over Mexico.

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