CPAC Straw Poll: 52% Believe Illegal Aliens Should Return Home

When the straw poll results were revealed at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) late Saturday afternoon, many people did not realize that those were only partial results. A handful of additional results were finally released late Monday by the polling company McLaughlin & Associates, including the question on illegal immigration.

Most of the missing questions, though interesting, might be described as somewhat inconsequential or with predictable outcomes. For example, the question “What is your bigger problem with Hillary Clinton?” resulted in 52 percent of people responding “She would continue President Obama’s agenda and policies” and 46 percent responding “She is dishonest”.

Not surprisingly, the newly released survey found that 85 percent of CPAC attendees consider themselves “pro-life” and 85 percent say that religion and faith are “important” in their daily life. Another question asking about religious freedom legislation found that 84 percent supported such legislation.

Also, 68 percent of attendees had “definitely decided” on their presidential candidate

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