Democrats Can’t Help but Pander

POLIZETTE — In an outrageously manipulative stunt intended to deceive the American public about the true dangers of illegal immigration and cast conservatives as unfeeling bigots, the Democratic National Convention had Karla Ortiz, the 11-year-old daughter of illegal immigrants, and her mother speak.

Liberals in the mainstream media have criticized Donald Trump and the GOP’s allegedly racist dog whistles to white Americans, framing them as the desperate attempts of a demagogue to appeal to a dying demographic.

But it is the Democrats who must pander constantly, and ever more aggressively, to destructive elements in American society and the toxic identity politics that could tear the country apart in order to maintain support.

“I’m scared that at any moment, my mom and my dad will be forced to leave,” the young Ortiz said. “I wonder, what if I come home and find it empty?”

Featuring Ortiz was a transparent attempt to blur the distinctions between legal and illegal immigration, and turn a child’s emotional pain into a political weapon. In doing so, the Democrats have made it crystal clear that they demand Americans ignore the pain of those who have suffered because of illegal immigration.

Ortiz and her illegal immigrant mother were followed by activist Astrid Silva, another illegal immigrant and poster child for the Democratic Party’s desire to put the interests of aliens above those of U.S. citizens. “I came to America illegally with my mother when I was four years old. We crossed the river on a raft,” Silva said.


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