Democrats Race to Pander to Hispanics

POLIZETTE– Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders vied with each other Thursday night to see who could pander the most to illegal immigrants. Both also bashed Republican front-runner Donald Trump — and Hillary got booed.

The candidates appeared one after the other at the town hall in Las Vegas. The MSNBC event, held just two days before the Nevada caucuses, featured an audience heavy with Latino voters. Two of them asked their questions in Spanish while co-host Jose Diaz-Balart translated for Sanders and Clinton.

Both candidates said they would renew President Obama’s executive orders shielding many illegal immigrants from deportation and would go further if legally possible. Clinton vowed to push for legislation that would make the actions permanent and binding.

“I’m hoping if we win back the Senate and we win the White House again, the Republicans are going to see the error of their ways and quit using immigrants to divide our country and quit taking the kind of mean-spirited actions they do,” she said. “You know, I was the first person to call out Donald Trump. I said, ‘Basta.’ Enough of this prejudice and paranoia and the kind of language that he uses.”

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One thought on “Democrats Race to Pander to Hispanics

  1. NumbersUSA’s photo.
    12 hrs ·
    NumbersUSA’s photo.
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    The U.S. grants ONE MILLION lifetime work-permits to new legal immigrants every year, with millions of Americans unable to find a full-time job.

    The elected government of the people are taking care of illegal aliens not the American worker out of a job. Yet there are politicians running for office in 2016 who want to keep open borders and the flow of illegals coming to the USA. Politicians being a traitor to America, especially to her unemployed legal American citizens. Politicians who support more invasion of America will not get my vote.
    Donald Trump is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Trump is an American for America. Donald J. Trump will get my vote in 2016. kb

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