DNC Should Declare Convention Open and Scrap Super Delegate Nonsense

Hacked Emails released by Wikileaks prove that the DNC, at the highest levels, deliberately conspired against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

In so doing, DNC officials employed anti-Semitic and sexist tactics in order to implement the fraud and corruption needed to keep Sanders at bay.

Among the more despicable, UN-American DNC policies is the “super delegate” fraud that “cooked the books” against Sanders and made it impossible for him to compete.

While Bernie Sanders is hardly a friend of those who believe in conservative values, and is certainly not our idea of an ideal candidate to meet America’s many challenges, it is a undeniable fact that he was grievously harmed by the DNC.

It is also a fact that the overall integrity of the party and the nomination process is very much at issue.
Therefore, in the interest of being fair to Sanders and his followers, and the voting public, the DNC should declare the convention “open” and abandon the “super delegate” nonsense.

It might not make a difference in whom the eventual party nominee is; nonetheless, the party should at least make an honest effort to restore the integrity of the nominating process which has suffered so dramatically at the hands of DNC officials!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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