Donor Class Puppeteers Revealed

POLIZETTE — If one truly wants to know how a candidate will govern as president, one should perhaps look not to what he says at a campaign stop, but to whomever paid for him to fly there.

Billionaire Norman Braman has been the power behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s political career from its beginning. An ardent Zionist who spends much of his time in Israel, Braman has a strong interest the security of the Jewish state. You can probably expect a hardline stance on Iran from a President Rubio and increased involvement in Middle Eastern affairs.

Braman also has an apparent desire to live forever. While in the Florida House, Rubio secured $80 million in taxpayer funds for genomics research and $5 million for cancer research at the behest of Braman. Will President Rubio direct $80 million to fund one of his pal’s pet projects?

Another of Rubio’s supporters is billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer, also heavily involved in advocating for Israel. But apart from his desire to keep as much of his money as possible from the IRS and keep Israel safe, Singer is not much of a conservative.

Singer invested heavily in lobbying the GOP to accept and promote gay marriage, and made a six-figure donation to the George Soros-backed National Immigration Forum, which supports amnesty and open borders.

Billionaire Frank VanderSloot is also in Rubio’s camp. VanderSloot was involved heavily in former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s oh-so successful 2008 and 2012 campaigns. VanderSloot also and has given substantial funds to Crossroads GPS, a spin-off of American Crossroads, the super PAC created by neoconservative Karl Rove. VanderSloot apparently wants a president in the mold of George W. Bush and thinks Rubio is the man to deliver.

Corporate and Wall Street interests are giving generously to other candidates, perhaps hoping for something in return other than populist, conservative governance.

Hedge fund manager Steven A. Cohen, through his asset-management firm and charitable foundation, has given over $4 million to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s presidential effort. Cohen’s previous company, SAC Capital Advisors, was subject to a 2010 SEC investigation for insider trading.

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