Don’t Let Rubio Fool You Twice

WND — My good friend, Rush Limbaugh, is willing to give Marco Rubio grace for possibly making a “mistake” with the Gang of Eight amnesty deal.

Rush explained recently that Rubio is no moderate – calling him a “legitimate, full-throated conservative.”

I disagree.

Rubio is indeed squishy on the No. 1 issue in the 2016 race – immigration. When even Jeb Bush criticizes his amnesty scam, you know he cannot be the Republican nominee – not no way, not no how. Not this year, which many agree, may be the last chance for American politics to get it right.

It’s rare that I disagree with Rush. In the rare cases when I do, I have to ask myself if maybe I’ve gone off the rails. That’s why I waited this long to think about it – to consider what Rush said.

While I believe Rush is sincere, I do not believe Marco Rubio is.

We simply cannot afford as a nation to make a mistake. And I believe Rubio as the nominee will be a huge one – one that is irreversible after eight years of Barack Obama.

But there’s more to the Rubio conundrum than just that.

His interventionist foreign-policy ideas scare me.

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