Evidence Shows Clinton Never Qualified for Security Clearance

BREITBART — Hillary Clinton never actually met the official requirements to obtain a security clearance to handle classified information, according to a growing body of evidence.

“That is exactly the conclusion here based on the evidence,” former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Michael Steele told Breitbart News.

“The process is the process. The protocols are the protocols,” Steele said, noting that when you look at internal State Department evidence “this [conclusion] is where you’ll end up.”

Steele called the evidence presented here below “a case that everyone is going to have to pay attention to.”

When Hillary Clinton started her career at the State Department, she was required to sign a “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement,” otherwise known as an SF-312, vowing to give back classified materials when she left the agency. Clinton signed that form in January 2009.

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