FBI Comey May Seek Clinton Indictment From Fed Judge

FBI Director James Comey could take the Clinton case directly to Federal Judge seeking Clinton’s prosecution; in effect bypassing Obama lapdog Loretta Lynch who is expected to take a pass on any Clinton indictment. What’s left? A pardon from Obama? Would he risk his “legacy” for a Clinton?

As BREITBART reports:

…”Comey has a choice at the end of the investigation—he could send the case to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and recommend whether Clinton should be indicted or he can bypass the Justice Department and the White House and go to a federal judge who is overseeing the case. Klein posited that when the FBI concludes its investigation, Comey may ultimately let a federal judge decide whether to indict Clinton.” …

Comey is concerned with his own legacy and what anything less than a fair and impartial investigation would say about him and the FBI. ~ One Old Vet

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