Guilty! Immigration Lawyer Convicted of Obstruction in Birth Tourism Case

The good news: a U.S. District Court judge sentenced Liang, who represented several women caught in the 2015 federal investigation of three Chinese birth tourism hotels in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties, to 21 months in a federal prison, and a $1,000 fine. The State Bar of California suspended Liang’s license.

Ten of the 29 implicated in the birth tourism scheme ordered to remain included some pregnant women who fled for China, and presumably were thwarted in their goal of having U.S. citizen children.

The bad news: Liang got off lightly. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jerry Yang argued that Liang should have gotten three years, and been assessed a $50,000 fine. Yang described Liang as “remarkably brazen,” and a person who “lies about the truth.”

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