Gun Owners, Hillary Will Soon Say ‘If You Like Your Guns You Can Keep Your Guns’

DAILY CALLER — It is no secret that the Democratic Party has become the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment party. It is virtually hard wired into the modern party. The 2012 Democratic Party Platform specifically called for “reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole,” and things have only gotten worse since then. Of course Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee, is leading the full scale assault on gun rights.

This is a long way off from when John F. Kennedy was proudly an NRA member, who was ironically killed with a rifle bought from an ad in NRA’s official journal (at least if you believe the government version). It is also a long way off from many NRA supported and endorsed Democrats in the House and Senate including Max Baucus, Montana, Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota, Joe Donnelly, Indiana, Joe Manchin, West Virginia, and even Harry Reid, Nevada.

The situation with Hillary gets even weirder considering her husband’s experience with this issue. In 1994 then-President Bill Clinton gladly signed an “assault weapons” ban, only to lose Democratic control of both the House and Senate to the GOP in a major upset the same year. Bill Clinton blamed his support for gun control for the embarrassing loss. This lesson cannot have been lost on Hillary.


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