Hacked E-Mails Confirm Corruption, Fraud, & Bigotry at DNC!

Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame and glory appears headed for a spectacular success of the sort which has eluded the likes of stalwarts such as Jim Comey, Trey Gowdy, the State Department, Judicial Watch and others who have failed, either completely or partially, to stall, or significantly delay the coronation of America’s “Inevitability Queen,” Hillary Rodham Clinton, AKA, Corrupt Hillary.

With exquisite planning and perfect timing, Assange has managed to replace ‘news’ headlines planned by mainstream media to glorify Hillary’s rigged conquest of the Democrat Party with emails that prove, conclusively, that Democrats have been sexist, anti-Semitic, unfair, and ruthlessly undemocratic in their obsession with making Hillary the presidential nominee of the Democrat Party, despite her well documented reputation as an bumbling, perhaps traitorous, congenital liar.

As reported:

    Wikileaks has released nearly 20,000 emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials.

    The release could cloud the upcoming Democratic party convention, which kicks off next week in Philadelphia.

    It is unclear how Wikileaks obtained the records, but the release comes weeks after a hacker (or hackers) going by the name Guccifer 2.0 began releasing records obtained through the DNC’s computer systems. The hacker claims to be Romanian, but many suspect that the record were taken by a team of Russian hackers.

    Guccifer 2.0 has said that they obtained DNC emails. Other documents released by the hacker(s) include internal planning memos and databases of Democratic donors.

Once again, Hillary Clinton is ensnared in a bitter controversy surrounding emails and her woeful lack of character.

Once again, she is on the losing end.

We pray that the American voting public will finally understand the monstrous evil that lurks in the heart of this selfish, corrupt woman, and that she, and not American voters, will be recognized for being the ‘ass’ this election cycle!

Thank you, Jullian Assange, for your gutsy truth letting!

John W. Lillpop
Pine Grove, California

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