Hillary Promises to Pass Amnesty Within 100 Days of Her Administration

FOX NEWS — As both Democratic candidates vie to win over the crucial Latino voting bloc in Nevada, Hillary Clinton made a vow on Thursday she’d previously refused to make — to take up immigration reform in the first 100 days of her presidency if elected.

In a town hall meeting Thursday night in Las Vegas, both Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders promised to make reforming the country’s immigration system a top priority of their administrations, should either win the White House.

Clinton is hoping to use a win in Nevada as a springboard into races in South Carolina on Feb. 27 and a slate of Southern primaries on Super Tuesday on March 1, where she’s favored because of her strength among African-Americans. In recent days, she’s rolled out numerous black and Latino leaders to make her case to minority voters, who play a far big role in those primaries than in past contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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