Hillary’s Goon Squad

TOWNHALL — If there’s one thing at which progressives always have excelled it is intimidation.

For all the talk against “bullying,” the political left has engaged in coercion since its inception. Under every left-wing despot from Stalin and Hitler to Mao and Chavez, those who dared differ with state-approved orthodoxy were threatened, beaten or simply killed. American progressives aren’t quite to the “murder” stage just yet, but given the escalating hatred they’re stirring up, that mile marker can’t be far over the horizon.

Think what you will of Donald Trump and the things he’s said … he’s only said things. Yet whenever he gathers with supporters to say things, an organized and well-funded progressive mob gathers outside to intimidate and attack people who simply want to hear the man speak. Their shirts may be all colors of the rainbow, but their actions are decidedly brown.

The Sturmabteilung, more commonly known as “Brownshirts,” were the fanatical enforcement wing of the Nazi Party during its rise to power. The Brownshirts intimidated opponents of Hitler into submission through threats and violence. Ultimately they were simply “useful idiots,” discarded (read: purged) after their usefulness had run its course. But the concept of a fanatical, violent mob to silence opposition lives on in the progressive movement.

That mob currently is being organized against Trump, not for policy inconsistencies or even substantive policy differences, but for rejecting political correctness and – the ultimate and only sin in the progressive worldview – existing wrong.

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