Hillary’s Non-Indictment Catastrophe

LIFEZETTE — Democratic Party leaders have grown increasingly optimistic that Hillary Clinton will escape a criminal indictment for her use of an unsecured private email server for official business, even if the FBI recommends that the Justice Department pursue the case.

If Clinton does escape a formal indictment, she could still face a potentially lethal blow to her campaign.

The FBI is expected to finalize its investigation into the Clinton email scandal sometime in late spring or early summer. At that time, the law enforcement agency will either close the case or make a recommendation to the DOJ that an indictment be handed down. If an indictment is recommended, Attorney General Loretta Lynch will decide whether to move forward or to ignore the FBI’s recommendation.

Lynch has her own history with the Clintons. The current attorney general was nominated as U.S. Attorney for Eastern New York by President Bill Clinton in 1999. Lynch later joined the Hogan & Harrison law firm that did tax work for the Clintons, according to the watchdog organization Judicial Watch.

If the FBI does recommend an indictment, Lynch will be handed both the sword to end the Democratic standard bearer’s campaign and the shield to protect Clinton and allow her to move past the email issue — potentially. It appears unlikely the Obama appointee would choose the sword and allow a Hillary Clinton indictment to move forward.

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