Hillary’s Pathetic Cover-Up of TPP Support

POLIZETTE — Drip, drip, drip — the spigot of scandal from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s emails continues, this time with a cover-up of her communications on the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Last July, the International Business Times requested any TPP-related correspondence between Hillary Clinton and the U.S. Trade Representative’s office — and lo and behold, the State Department just announced it will be delaying the request until November. The post-election timing was not lost on anyone paying attention.

Trade has become one of the pivotal issues of the 2016 election. Both presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (a persistent pain in Clinton’s side) slammed the proposed TPP, capitalizing on voter frustration with massive job losses stemming from lopsided trade deals.

Clinton, finger ever in the political wind, once praised the massive 12-nation agreement pushed by President Obama and Republicans in Congress, only to flip-flop to opposing the bargain after losing political ground to Sanders.

While Clinton was secretary of state she she praised the negotiations, saying that an agreement with the nations of the TPP would help create new jobs and opportunities and at one point even called it the “gold standard” in trade agreements.

It’s no wonder that with all of her flip-flopping on TPP, she and her allies at the State Department wouldn’t want the public to see her email correspondence on the deal.


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