If Apple Breaks iPhone Encryption, the Chinese Will Know How ‘in Less Than a Week’

DAILY CALLER — Judge Andrew Napolitano warned that if the Justice Department is successful in forcing Apple to break the encryption of the iPhone, the Chinese will have the ability to do it too “in less than a week.”

In an interview Tuesday on “Fox & Friends” with Anna Kooiman Napolitano said that once the encryption is broken “forget about it, nothing will be private, nothing will be sacred.”

Asked if Apple should be charged with treason if they do not help the FBI unlock the encryption to the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists, Napolitano insisted, “I think it’s extraordinarily extreme. I mean, Apple’s behavior here is the opposite of treason, it’s patriotism. It’s refusing to permit the government to force it to do something against it’s will.”

“Look, if Apple had a key in a vault, and the FBI needed the key, they could subpoena the key and get it,” Napolitano said. “But the FBI wants Apple to create something that doesn’t yet exist. And this thing once created, once it’s on the internet, once it’s used can be used by all sorts of people to break into all kinds of people’s private security of their data.”

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